Dear visitor! These wallpapers and collages were made to honor a great actor and train my photoshop skills. I do not make any profit with it. Feel free to use this artwork for NON-PROFIT purposes and please, give credit, if used on other websites. Thank you!


Wallpaper inspired by movies and series

"Boetie" - Movies

"Rutanga Tapes"


"Circles in the Forest"

"Finishing Touch"


"Hard Target"


"Fly Paper"




Con Express"



"American Meltdown"



"Living and Dying"


"Navy CIS"




"Silverton Siege"

Silverton Siege Wallpaper


other movies /series where I made only one wallpaper so far



Gothic Stuff


Freestyle artwork with historical themes


Freestyle artwork with scifi themes


Other Wallpaper and freestyle artwork