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The Mummy Returns

Adventure-Fantasy, sequel to "The Mummy". Some cult followers and a corrupt curator raise the cursed Imhotep again to have him defeat the mythical Scorpion king's army and then conquer the world. Rick O'Connel, his wife Evie and the Medjai must save their kidnapped son and the world once again in Egypt.




Movie rating:

The mummy animation is much better than in the first one, however, the story is bad. More special effects this time and CGI-battles, more ancient-Egyptian stuff, but some plot and character inconsistencies.

Rating for Arnold:

Convincing performance as in the first part, but a little more villainous. Good fighting scenes at the end.







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Some pictures from the set (Source: Collector's Edition DVD #2):





The Red Phone: Manhunt (Anti-Terrorist Cell / Special Unit AT 13: Wettlauf mit dem Tod)

Anti-Terror-Movie. An international anti-terror-unit tries to prevent the murder of an european head-of-government by an ex-yougoslavian killer organisation.




Movie rating:

Acceptable action movie for good evening entertainment with nice technical gimmicks (which are no more to find in James-Bond-movies), and background stories in European politics. Characters were set up nicely and it was filmed on location in Capetown.

Rating for Arnold:

That was not a part requiring many acting skills, but he did a good job.

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Con Express


Crime Thriller. The US - customs uncovers a plot of Russian arms dealers who plan to smuggle dangerous nerve gas. In order to avoid publicity, the boss of the little customs station in Alaska decides, that the dangerous barrels should send to a safe compound with a regular train. Meanwhile, the responsible for the whole coup, the Russian top-terrorist Simeonov should be delivered via plane to Washington. But his comrades are already prepared for a hazardous rescue operation, and soon the young customs officer and the Russian agent sit alone in the snowy Alaska and have to think how to get Simeonov and the hijacked train under control again.




Movie rating:

A promising start and - fortunately - an unexpected twist near the end. Some lenghts, though: the snow mobile scenes, and that contrived sex scene between Alex and Natalya. Character development was not consistent. So the top-terrorist suddenly seems not to care that his train cannot be stopped anymore, and the Russian top agent, who acts all calm and cool at the beginning, suddenly does not even consider to look behind for perimeter check! Besides, it was a huge mistake to make Arnold's character an ex-general from the Soviet Union. He was simply too young for that.

Rating for Arnold:

His part suffered from the character inconsistencies in the script / direction, too. But - really charming badass, what could I say more. This innocent-evil smile is just priceless.

I wondered the whole movie what was between Simeonov and this Russian agent before this final clash... there was such an electricity. Sadly, we got no insight... (however, in my fanfic, you'll get it ;))


Simeonov enters the scene:

My little tribute (youtube muted the sound):


Best quote: "I'm popular today." (Simeonov, when he is surrounded by US Customs, FBI and Russian Secret Service who dispute about who will arrest him).


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Warrior Angels (Crusade of Vengeance)

Historical. Some sort of female Robin-Hood-Story. Returned from the Crusade, a noble Lady has to rescue her son and her heritage from an evil usurper.





Movie rating:

The story had a lot of potential - if you don't expect halfway true medieval images, but more or less fantasy -, but sadly only a very small budget. The sets were downright ridiculous. The main cast did a good job, and thankfully the characters were nuanced enough to make this interesting. A few plotholes, for instance the women were freed, next scene they get on their horses - and later we hear in passing that they killed the remaining men in the camp? No sign of that before. That additional end sequence felt odd. And what about Rachel and her father? If they had cut some time from the useless rape and sex scenes, there would have been time to fill the plotholes...

Rating for Arnold:

Refreshing change to see him in a medieval setting. Credible, sometimes humorous, performance of a warrior, who has failed in his task once and lost the track in his life, but now gets a new chance.


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Global Effect

Actionthriller. A researcher who has just found an antidote against a deadly virus is kidnapped by terrorists in South Africa. The US-government sends a taskforce against them.



Endangered Species

Sci-Fi-Thriller. Police officer Sullivan investigates a murder series taking place in fitness clubs. The killer displays odd habits and abilities and seems to be out for trophies. As Sullivan eventually captures a mysterious stranger who seems to be unvulnerable (except to electro shocks) and has no finger prints, the police relaxes, thinking the killer has been found. But the following night the massacre continues, and Sullivan gets help from the man he had previously arrested. Step by step Sullivan discovers, that he and the whole mankind are like animals in a reservation, studied by alien wardens, and that the killer is a sort of mad poacher.




Movie rating:

Interesting idea, that humans are an endangered species! Exciting action with a philosophical note for animal rights and some references to 'Terminator'. Nearly no special effects, but this makes it only more frightening - to feel like an animal who does not really understands the things around humans do. Character setting is okay. A little too much nudity in the opening scenes, this was not fitting in the movie.

Rating for Arnold:

Good performance as this alien wildlife ranger, who is very concerned about the 'endangered species' and tries to protect them, until he is betrayed by one of his own.

(Arnold, his co-star and the director)



Agent Cody Banks

Teenage Comedy. A junior (=teenage)-CIA-agent (played by Frankie Muniz) has to save the world from a criminal, who wants to destroy the world with nanotechnology.




Movie rating:

Better than expected! Not so much teenage comedy, but more James-Bond-Parody with lots of technical gimmicks and references to typical Bond-style! Exciting and funny family-entertainment.

Rating for Arnold:

Well, this was such a minuscule role... cannot even give a rating for these short appearances. He would have deserved better! (And why is he named after the last Templar Master - we never got to know!)

Best quote: "You have messed up my haircut" (Molay to Cody in the last fight).



The Red Phone: Checkmate (Special Unit AT 13: Schachmatt)

Anti-Terror-Movie. Another task for the international anti-terror-special unit, this time it is against plutonium smugglers, the Russian Mafia and politicians with a doubtful agenda who are threatening a European capital with a self-made nuke.




Movie rating:

Exciting action with political background, links to real events and a thoughtful message: how far does a country in need has to go to get international support? Not an action movie with easy good-bad-plot. Therefore it's a pity we have no continuation of the AT-13-story. This is the last episode.

Rating for Arnold:

Not a main character, however he has more chances to bring background and life to it than in the first episode. Cool, ironic and sometimes humorous display of this ex-GSG-9-member. He also seemed to have real fun in playing this part.


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Best quote: "They told me I would walk into crap; but not that I would swim in it" (Wolf after diving into the sewer for rescue).

On location in Munich.



American Meltdown (Angst über Amerika)

Thriller. Some supposedly Arab/Muslim terrorists hijack an American nuclear facility and the FBI tries to prevent the worst case scenario. While panic is spreading in the population and the politicians prepare for 'counterattacks' on Arab countries, FBI-special agent Shea (played by Bruce Greenwood) discovers that nothing is as it seems, the supposed Al-Quaida-terrorists are in fact Ex-American elite soldiers who fought in Afghanistan, and their leader has a very special message for his country. However, a real terrorist is amongst them and the special force team making the final assault on the power plant proves no less dangerous.




Movie rating:

Far better then expected! It begins like a typical anti-terror-movie with a patriotic touch, but in the end it is patriotic on a very different level, thoughtful, and with strong critic for the disinformation politics of the US government. It takes a while getting used to the style of the movie (like filmed with amateur camera) and the cutting, however this gives a realistic touch, alongside with the inserted news.

Rating for Arnold:

Intense perfomance of a desperate man, who puts everything in a last attempt to change the politics in his country; without many words or great gestures, nonetheless very touching.





Drama/Thriller. Ex-police officer Tertius Coetzee has been granted amnesty by the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" in South Africa, but he searches for more than truth: forgiveness for the murder of an ANC-activist 10 years ago. However, the family of the victim has long ago shielded behind a mental blockade against these events and created a truth of its own. Only the sister of the murdered activist, Sannie, seems to open her mind - but only to hold Coetzee back in town for revenge. It takes a while until the members of the family discover the true extent and meaning of forgiveness (also for each other), its healing power, and till they find together at the grave of the assassinated. But the little bunch of revengers is still under way, and one of them cannot forgive himself.
This movie got several awards, including the "Human Rights Award".




Movie rating:

The kind of movie I normally would never have watched - but it would have been a mistake! It is a very silent, thoughtful and emotional one, without great action outside, but the more inside of the various people; and with a deep Christian message. Characters are well portrayed and the atmosphere of misery and desperation perfectly captured.

Rating for Arnold:

I admit it was a little hard to watch him acting as this damaged, haunted character. But it was done in such a perfect way, that soon I nearly forgot that it was him who portrayed this man - if I had not heard his voice - and actually only looked at the meaning and message of the character and the movie. For this result I give an extra 5th star.

International press articles and reviews about "Forgiveness"



Lasko: Death Train (Im Auftrag des Vatikans)

Actionthriller. Some criminals are on the run with a stolen dangerous virus on a pilgrimage train to Lourdes. A Monk and member of the 'secret service' of the Vatican tries to save the people and catch the criminals while time is running out.




Movie rating:

Fast-pacing action with a lot (perhaps too much) pyrotechnics! With its secret order/police to help the needy (that says "Templars" without saying it) the church is one time not on the side of evil conspirators. Some fresh ideas mixed up with old elements like viruses and terrorists.

Rating for Arnold:

Good performance of the criminal's leader, disguised as a monk, who is more and more cornered to do things he has not planned.


"Lucifers Travels"

Best quote: "Lucifers Travels wishes you a pleasant journey on board".


My Fanfiction "Behind the Fire"



Waist Deep ???

I'm not sure about this - he is listed in the cast on some sites, and he is in the official trailer, but so far no one could detect him in the movie itself!

Actionthriller. Situated in the black gangsta-scene. Ex-con O2 (played by Tyrese Gibson) is suddenly plunged into a life-or-death situation; trying to go straight for the sake of his young son Junior, O2 is forced to go back outside the law when Junior is kidnapped in a carjacking. His son is now in the hands of a vicious criminal leader.



Blood Diamond

Drama/Thriller. In civil war shaken Sierra Leone, a mercenary and diamond smuggler (played by Leo DiCaprio) makes a deal with a fugitive from an illegal mine: help him find his war-scattered family for sharing the profit of a huge find. In order to get what he want, he tries to manipulate an American journalist in helping him with the search, however the journalist is after a big story that will change the world and manages to maneuver the smuggler in selling his partners in crime: the big bosses of the international diamond industry.



Movie rating:

Well, I'm sure it is a brutally true story necessary to be told. However, with the constant machine gun slaughter between the rebels and government and other factions it's not the kind of movie I'd like to watch. Plus, with 2,5 hours it could shed easily at least half an hour and would be better. Di Caprio's acting was good as usual, but hearing him with this fake Afrikaaner accent was beyond weird. Djimon Honsou was outstanding and convincing as the poor fisherman who only wants his son and family back. The second half was quite poetic with Archer and Vandy marching through the beautiful landscape (and almost no enemies showed up...) The choice of music seems to spread the wrong message here.

Rating for Arnold:

He had only about 15 minutes screentime, sadly. The first scene in the vineyard was a promising start which let hope for more development for this character. Then, unfortunately, it took a quick turn down the generic South African mercenary-lane and he had not much else to do than shout orders and threaten people.


"This is home"


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Living & Dying (=Countdown to Death)

Thriller. Four not very experienced young robbers take refuge in a restaurant, when the police is on their tail. They try to take the people hostage, but soon find themselves hostages of two crazy killers who want the stolen money. The police surrounds the building, and very quickly the situation escalates. The local police is demissioned by a so-called ATF agent with very short temper, and the owner of the money involves the press. But nothing is as it seems first, and Detective Devlin discovers a conspiracy...




Movie rating:

I hesitated to watch this because of the violence, but the movie is absolutely worth watching! Very smart and unexpectant twists in the story, and the longer one follows the story, the more the border between good and evil is vanishing. The single characters are portrayed very convincing, and the end is absolutely fabulous - no I don't tell! Just watch!

Rating for Arnold:

Brilliantly played, this local police officer who not only wants to rescue the hostages with all his effort, but has to fight the ATF-man and his superiors, too, and to get in contact with the robbers. He stands on the good side this time - or are we mistaken? And what is the good side anyway?

Little interview with Arnold:



On the set with the film crew.



Hidden Camera

Thriller. Reporter Kovacs gets himself and his girlfriend into trouble while investigating the death of his brother and finds himself in an international conspiracy and corruption, circling around nearly perfect counterfeits.




Movie rating:

After the trailer, I expected more. The idea is good, but sometimes the plot development has its holes, and despite action-packed pursuits through Barcelona, the story has its lenghts. Kovacs is far too naive concerning his carreer als investigative reporter. All actors would have needed more heart and intensity in their play!

Rating for Arnold:

Mostly, the script has him pinned to walk on and off in front of a huge video screen, there was not much he could do, in fact.



Odysseus - Voyage to the Underworld (Odysseus and the Isle of the Mists)

Fantasy. The last - untold by Homer - adventure of the Greek hero Odysseus and his fight against the goddess of the underworld. Who ever wanted to know where the Vampires came from, here you'll get the answer.




Movie rating:

Really a low-budget-movie with practically no sets and special effects, nonetheless good entertainment, with some fresh ideas, if one does not compare with big movies of the genre.

Rating for Arnold:

I would never have seen this with another actor - and probably it would not have been worth it then. The performance is convincing, from thoughtfulness to fight and sorrow of the battle-worn Odysseus.


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Fire & Ice. The Dragon Chronicles

Fantasy. A brave knight and and princess fight searching means to destroy the dragons menacing their kingdom and the traitors behind them.




Movie rating:

Dragon-fantasy for good entertainment, with action, humor and a little bit of dramatic turns. Sets and special effects are okay, some characters are a little weak. Some funny ideas with introduction of technical stuff in this medieval world! Sadly two of the main characters die long before the movie's end.

Rating for Arnold:

I watched this because of him - and the best part he got in this was in the beginning at the banquet. Then the character had not much to do until his death in the middle of the movie - but he looks imposing on the throne, at least.


Making of



G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra (G.I. Joe - Geheimakte Cobra)

Fantasy/Adventure (after the "G.I. Joe"-Comics and Actionfigures). From the Egyptian desert to deep below the polar ice caps, the elite G.I. JOE team uses the latest in next-generation spy and military equipment to fight a corrupt arms dealer who wants plunge the world into chaos and then take control himself.


Movie rating:

Nice popcorn-evening entertainment without the necessity of activating too many brain cells. Basically an old style James-Bond-storyline with power hungry villains on one side and patriotic good guys on the other. Fabulous special effects, futuristic weapons and fighting choreography; perhaps too much crashing cars (without ever thinking of the civilians in them ;)). Some characters are equipped with at least a little background, but in this kind of movie no actor has a real possibility for acting.

Rating for Arnold:

It was (sadly) only a little part for him, but compared to the genre, the performance possibilities in general and the other cast I think he did a good job in the given frame as a cool and not quite obedient Zartan.

Best quote: "I control my own brain." (Zartan while crashing the mind-control chip before undergoing nanobot-transformatio).