Psych, Episode "A very Juliet episode" (season 4, ep. 12)

Comedy/Criminal-Drama. The show (running 2006-2014) stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer, a young crime consultant for the Santa Barbara Police Department whose "heightened observational skills" and impressive detective instincts allow him to convince people that he solves cases with psychic abilities. In this episode, Shawn gets the information that Scott, the old boyfriend of Juliet - whom she was supposed to meet again - had been killed under mysterious circumstances. In digging deeper, Shawn and his partner accidentally discover that Scott is well and alive and in a witness-protection program, because he helped to bring mobster J. T. Waring into jail for murdering an US-Marshal. When Shawn speaks with Waring, the man denies the responsibility for the murder and asks Shawn for a deal. And investigating again the crime scene, Shawn discovers that something is wrong with the whole case...





Episode rating:

The series actually kept up its combination of fun and suspense and drama! Shawn, Gus and Carlton superb as usual.

Rating for Arnold:

Sadly, only a mini-appearance. "... Because you're super cool", hehe.

Behind the scenes:

(Arnold with the creators of "Psych" -source: psych-facebook-page)

My little fanfiction "The Prisoner" and the continuation "Freedom"


Navy CIS, Episode "Enemies Foreign" (season 8, ep. 8)

Crime. In this episode of the NCIS-series, Mossad-director Eli David comes to Washington in order to take part in a conference. Members of a Palestinian Liberation group are out to finally kill him, and the Mossad agents have to join forces with the NCIS to protect the asset. However David's recklessness and arrogance make it even more dangerous to succeed.





Episode rating:

Routine story so far, but exciting. The problems between the different characters, especially between Ziva and the other Mossad agents, make it more interesting. Interesting weapon technology. Mossad-characters are a bit 'flat'.

Rating for Arnold:

He plays the bodyguard and 'right hand' of director David and is the only Mossad-character, who is allowed to display at least some other emotions than arrogance. Sadly, this episode was all he got.

My little fanfiction "The truth beneath the rose"


Bones, Episode "The bullet in the brain" (season 6, ep. 11)

Crime. The series, running since 2005, features a forensic team under the leadershop of Temperance "Bones" Brennan and a FBI agent (Seeley Booth). In this episode, Heather Taffet aka "The Gravedigger" faces her final appeal before being sentenced to death. But before this can happen, she is killed by a professional sniper, and the team has to investigate the identity of the shooter.






Episode rating:

I don't know the series, so it's hard to rate. The investigation was interesting, a bit too gory for my taste. The reaction of the characters face to face the death of this serial killer was portrayed well, too.

Rating for Arnold:

This was only a little appearance so far, but it looked as if there is a complex and interesting story behind this character. Hope for more so he can show his talent!


Bones, Episode "The killer in the crosshairs" (season 6, ep. 15)

The sniper hits again, this time a counterfeitor, and Booth sets on his tracks, determined to catch him, before he can take the next bad guy out. But Jacob Broadsky is clever and skilled.





Episode rating:

This was getting interesting and emotional, posing the big question about good and evil and who gives whom the right to judge over life and death.

Rating for Arnold:

Thank God the character was developed further. One can understand and feel with him. Good acting!


Bones, Episode "The Hole in the Heart" (season 6, ep.22)

FBI agent Booth and the team from the Jeffersonian are still on the hunt for Jacob Broadsky, who this time produces more collateral damage 'in the pursue of a greater good', amongst it, a member of the Jeffersonian. But Broadsky makes a mistake, what gives the FBI an advantage to succeed in bringing him down this time.





Episode rating:

This was suspenseful and well made, however I admit after the last episode with the sniper, I was a bit disappointed. The episode's makers obviously felt the antagonist was not evil enough, and so they let him do some deeds showing off he's the bad guy. This let it sink to the normal 'bringing down the criminal' stuff. Booth+Bones fans however found, what they've been waiting for a long time.

Rating for Arnold:

He had many action scenes and imposing scenes with his rifle, and some good dialogue lines. Convincing and somewhat scary, leaving room for so much background - which sadly was not developed.



My fanfiction "God's Hand and Destiny's Chains"


Elementary (season 1, ep. 23/24)

Crime/Drama. The series (running since2012) presents a contemporary update of Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes - not in Britain, but set in the United States.






Episode rating:

This was good average crime stuff - however personally I don't like those reboot movies, where the setting has changed and traditional male characters are suddenly female and nothing but the names are kept. The revealing of Moriarty's identity was quite a twist (but that pseudo-Russian/Nazi uniform...came about a little too James-Bond-ish).

Rating for Arnold:

Convincing and stirring performance of that character who is in fact used by Moriarty and forced to do somethinig horrible to safe his kidnapped daughter.




Crisis (season 1, Pilot)

Crime/Drama. The series started in March 2014. During a school trip, students of the Ballard High School, attended by the children of Washington, D.C. 's elite, including the President 's son, are the victim of an ambush. A national crisis begins and Secret Service agent Finley along with FBI agent Susie Dunn try the best to solve it plus calm the concerned parents of the children. With every day, the whole thing gets more mysterious in this big conspiracy and the motives of the enemy are nebulous at best.






Episode rating:

Seems to become an interesting series. Suspenseful plot, intelligent, not too much on-screen violence, a few believable characters easy to connect with and looming danger of too much hightech surveillance... However I wonder how they will keep up the suspense with this plot for an entire season.

Rating for Arnold:

At least he got to say a few words in this mini appearance... I hope he'll come back in later episodes with more substance to his - yet unnamed - character.




Crisis (season 1, ep. 8)

Jakob Vries is the next parent assigned with a task from Gibson: this time: bringing pharmaceutical specialist Clarenbach to Gibson. However, Clarenbach is with Secret Service agent Finley, and he's not willing to give up the only chance to find out the whereabouts of the kidnapped children.





Episode rating:

During the latest three episodes, the series developed for the better, with twists and suspense and finally some action from the kidnapped children themselves. The characters are intensely played and just the moment when you think, Finley is out of options and severely outgunned, he makes an ingenious move. (Still, I would've loved seeing Finley and Vries' mercenaries team up...)

Rating for Arnold:

A similar plot as in "Elementary"... besides that, I felt reminded at "Hard Target" watching the scenery and the character of this tough mercenary leader who is resolved to remove every obstacle standing in his way, as he sets out to save his his family. Definitely a guy you wouldn't want to mess with, but - in contrast to all the other plots where he played such kind of men - a man with a deep unconditional love for his family. This contrast is conveyed nicely.

On the set with the boy who plays his son.



Grimm (season 4, ep. 12)

Crime/Fantasy. The series evolves around a modern day police detective, who also happens to be the descendant of a family of monster-hunters. It's exactly that business he and other initiates continue in Portland against the shapeshifters of the Wesen-Council.






Episode rating:

The Wesen-Council sends out a bounty hunter to elimininate some low-lifes. The next target however is detective Grimm himself. I don't know the series at all, so I can't give any rating, if this episode stands out or not.

Rating for Arnold:

This bounty hunter was a perfectly fleshed out character that made it possible to play more than a shape shifting monster and make the actions understandable. (And really, most of his victims had it coming).


Cape Town (miniseries, 6 episodes)

Crime. After Deon Meyer's novel "Dead before Dying"



from the Trailer

on the set


Criminal Minds. Beyond Borders, (season 1, ep. 10 "Iquiniso")

Crime. The series features the International Response Team of the FBI that investigates crimes involving American citizens outside the U.S.. In this episode, they fly to Johannesburg in order to find the truth behind the death of an American college student with South African roots, who is found killed in a bizarre ritual murder. As it turns out, the boy's father was a member of a special unit of the old Apartheid system, that staged a similar killing of a police woman in order to have justification to hunt down Anti-Apartheid activists.







Bosch (season 3, ep. 1 "The smog cutter")

Crime. The series is based on a book series and runs since 2014. It tells the story of the LA detective Harry Bosch, who is charged for the murder of a serial killer, while he still tries to find the responsibles for the murder of a young boy. Arnold plays an ex-colleague of Bosch, who now works as private security advisor.





Episode rating:

Well, this was the first episode of this series I watched, so it is hard to tell. It's the usual crime/court stuff with a hard boiled detective sometimes overstepping his boundaries, smart attourneys, politicians and a lot of cases going on simultaneously (too many in my opinion). Unless the two cases are connected, I think it is dramatically weak having the protagonist chasing two serial killers going after young women (Holland and Gunn).

Rating for Arnold:

This was only a short appearance. However, we get a lot of information about the character, such as he's an ex-cop and obviously knows how to enjoy life besides work, because he's teasing Bosch with it.

(And what did he do to his voice?!)


Bosch (season 3, ep. 3 "God Sees")

It starts to get interesting as it becomes clear someone is framing Bosch. Also not to his advantage, his illegally set up camera surveillance is found an a colleage starts to spread rumors about his involvment in the murder of Gunn. The investigations concerning the murder of this veteran also take up speed.





Episode rating:

Still I think there's too much going on at once, but the story with the army veterans develops decently . The rivalties between the colleagues and the conflict of his partner are portrayed well. Only that egomaniac producer is a little too much Hollywood cliché.

Rating for Arnold:

Well he shows up only for two moments, so rating is difficult here.



Bosch (season 3, ep. 4 "El Compadre ")

Bosch gets the news he's one of the suspects in the Gunn-case and is angry at his partner for not telling him and secretely investigating him. Meanwhile Bosch discovers some shady things going in in that ex-military and now top-level-security-group the murdered veteran was a part of. However, his young informant, street kid Sharky, is murdered soon as well. In the Holland-case, they try to influence the witness.





Episode rating:

Especially liked the dialogue with that artist veteran. Good contrast to those other guys involved in some nasty business. Bosch seems to have a history with Tafero we don't know about yet, as he suspects him immediately for breaking into his house. (By the way I don't think a real L.A. detective could afford such a luxury housing...) I sincerely wonder, what screenwriters would do, if they could not use the f-word every other minute.

Rating for Arnold:

Again only a short part when Bosch comes to blame Tafero for "tampering" with the witness (well, he has, but of course denies) and breaking into his house.



Bosch (season 3, ep. 5 "Blood under the Bridge ")

The Gunn-case is reinvestigated, now to prove or unprove Bosch is framed for the murder. Holland's minions launch a social media bashing against Bosch. Meanwhile, Boschs own investigations concerning the killed veteran goes on and we are now definitely sure the ex-military and now top-level-security-group is involved in serious criminal business in Afghanistan.




Episode rating:

Well, the pacing slows down. I get the feeling, the Korea town murder - thing is only a filler and some of the private scenes of Irving too (other than for instance in "Blue Bloods"). Also the audience already knows too much.It is quite obvious by now that Hollands minions staged Bosch's framing. If there is no major twist coming,it is not very interesting to realize we were right all along. Despite being the bad guy, Holland is just hilariously cliché and makes me laugh.

Rating for Arnold:

So yeah, of course the character is a sinister bad guy working for Holland (and I bet he killed Gunn or let him kill), so at least for me monitoring his roles over the years it was clear where this would end. Arnold as usual gives this otherwise bland generic character just enough charm to make him real. It looks as if he enjoys himself immensely playing this.



Bosch (season 3, ep. 6 "Birdland")

Bosch gets into social media crossfire and the acting police comissioner is not very amused. Robertson follows the leads in the Gunn-murder case.




Episode rating:


Rating for Arnold:

Second time this season he just opens a door and talks to a detective standing outside. This was for the fan girls? Otherwise I don't get why he had to stand there half naked. (Well, he's still in good shape, thumbs up!)



Bosch (season 3, ep. 7 "Right Play ")

Bosch is interrogated by the DIA. Robertson fetches Rudy Taferos younger brother Jesse in the hope to get something compromising, but fails. Bosch's partner Edgar shoots ex-soldier Woodrow, one of the ex-military-gang in self defense.






Episode rating:

Funny little detail as Robertson thinks Jesse Tafero is on the run and already orders a chopper,and then he has only taken a short cut. The rest was average, many family scenes from all characters. Those two detectives searching for the car, though - I like them.

Rating for Arnold:

This was only a mini appearance, but anyway, we learn the character is quite protective of his little brother. And if looks could kill, Bosch would've fallen dead for sure, when Tafero walked by, hehe!




Bosch (season 3, ep. 8 "Aye Papi ")

Holland's lawyer tries to cut a deal, when decisive evidence is smuggled to the LA-times and from there reaches the police again and Jesse Tafero is arrested. LAPD investigates the ex-military-group and gets further evidence in the murder of Sharky. Edgar moves to a supposedly safe location and Bosch brings his daughter to his colleague, still fearing retaliation from the ex-Special Ops. Bosch tries to get rid of the compromising illegal camera surveillance evidence, however it is too late. Edgar is shot.






Episode rating:

The stories gain speed again. I could spot a plot hole: how did the sniper know about Ed's whereabouts. While the issue with the illegal camera surveillance was intriguing, as it showsthe blurred lines between good and evil, I was wondering, if this video evidence ever could be used in a real investigation. But well, it's a crime series and has to follow the will of the writers.

Rating for Arnold:

I liked how he comes in there playing cool and then has to discover that the police hold the upper hand and he faces a serious problem. Sadly we don't get any insight of his past with Bosch, despite obviously they hate each other.




Bosch (season 3, ep. 9 "Clear Shot ")

Ed is saved in the last moment. The police finally gets a hold on Holland and the remaining two ex-military turn against each other.






Episode rating:

Finally, unexpected twists! This was an episode full of suspense and drama and character building. I especially liked the contrast in the development of Rudy Tafero and Trevor Dobbs. Could be a lesson in human greatness, respectively human abysmal behavior. And Holland storyboarding his own crimes - absolutely great idea.


Rating for Arnold:

I saw it coming - this would not end well for the character, but still it ended differently a I feared. Finally he had some screen time and opportunity to show his skills. The transition from super cool "good luck in proving it" to the man who sacrifices himself for his younger brother was rendered convincingly.



Interview about his part in YOU, 2017:


The Blacklist (season 6, ep. "Marko Jankowics")

Crime. The series, running, since 2013 features an FBI profiler and her "helper", a mysterious criminal named Raymond Reddington who turned himself in. In this episode, we learn, that Reddington is not Reddington and the FBI tries to get a hold on the doctor who performed the imposter's surgery - who happens to be the girlfriend of Jankowics the drug dealer.





Episode rating:

As I only watched this episode, I can't rate it in context to the series. Seemed to me contrived at a few occasions, though, and generic.


Rating for Arnold:

Generic Eastern-european Mobster guy, nothing special or interesting had been prepared in the script for this character.




Jack Ryan (season 2, ep. 2 "Tertia Optio")

Actionthriller after Tom Clancy's novels about an CIA analyst. The second season takes place in Venezuela and evolves around upcoming presidential elections, political murder, missing people and terrorists. Actual president Reyes is involved in some sinister stuff and tries to win the people's hearts by blaming the Americans and especially the CIA for everything. Arnold plays an South African mercenary and arms dealer (you did not expext anything else, did you?)


Jack Ryan (season 2, ep. 3 "Orinoco")

Following the murder of the US-Senator and the discovery of what seems to be an illegal arms trading post on a satellite image, a little taskforce plus Ryan is send down the Orinoco to check things out. Meanwhile, the election campaign goes on.


Episode rating:

Tough guys with the usual tough guy attitude using many f-words. So far, so good, decent action thriller. However, those pros behave soon very unprofessionally: sitting with their boat far too close to the enemy's base (and are not spotted only because the script says they don't...). Of course Ryan doesn't obey orders, and one of the task force does not either, so they get (foreseably) separated.

Rating for Arnold:

Can't give any for this micro appearance...



Jack Ryan (season 2, ep. 7 "Dios y Féderacion")

Ryan teams up with Van der Byl's mercenaries to free the illegal prison camp and arrive just in time, before all prisoners are executed. President Reyes tries to forge the elections, by force and murder, if necessary.





Episode rating:

All in all a good one. We see the president further spiraling down the evil path - however his motives eluded me a bit. And why did he have to execute those prisoners no one knew about thus far? A little mistake at the beginning, where the car of the CIA guys doesn't start - then follows a shut out and the same care gets literally riddled with bullets - and then they get in and drive on. Nice twist though, when Ryan hires Van der Byl.

Rating for Arnold:

That was a small but good part, decently written and well played. Loved the scene with the broken satellite link, where Van der Byl asks if the information is reliable, gets the answer "from the ex-wife of a friend" - huffs and says "fuck it, let's go". I halfway expected the character would end up dead in this episode. It did not happen, yay!

Best quote: "You don't pay me enoug for walking in an ambush."



Jack Ryan (season 2, ep. 8 "Strongman")

After the liberation of the prison camp, Ryan shoots some footage and shares it on the news platforms. The vids go viral and the people of Venezuela start rioting, just as Reyes celebrates his "victory" in the elections. Then the CIA taskforce liberates their captured boss Greer right out of the presidential palace with guns blazing - and democracy wins.





Episode rating:

Much action and enormous firepower during the fights in the palace, but thankfully also a few thoughtful moments in the end. Very good scene, where Ryan almost executes Reyes.

Rating for Arnold:

Sadly, only a small appearance this time, and it just startet to become an interesting character! Anyway, it was a good scene with a wonderful dialogue. As nice as a mercenary can get, I suppose.

Best quote (Concerning more money): "What good is it, if you're too dead to spend it?"

This is the only time he shows up in this one: