Veritas: The Quest

Adventure/Sci-Fi. The series (running for 13 episodes only in 2003) is about a team of mystery-seekers/archeologists on the search for lost artefacts of the "Ancients", a long-gone hightech-civilisation with immense power. However their opponents, a secret organization named Dorna, are willing to do everything to guard these secrets. Vincent is a mysterious guy, experienced soldier and martial arts expert on one hand, and spiritual at the other. He has a major part in episodes 4, 5 and 11.


My little tribute to the series:


My fanfiction "VERITAS: The seal of Imhotep"


Episode 1 "Reunion"

The rebellious Niko has to leave his school again and thus is suddenly in the care of his father and his team, not knowing yet if they are the good or bad guys. He tries to save his father's life, but endangers everything despite his good intentions. Hilarious scene with Vincent and Niko playing chess.





Episode 2 "Antarctica"

Following an ancient map which shows the continent of Antarctica, the team discoveres a pyramid with strange powers under the snow, when they are ambushed by their rivals. Vincent tries to teach Niko some basics of martial arts and self control.





Episode 4 "Heist"

In this episode, Dr. Zond discovers the "Sphere of Archimedes" which is told to foresee catastrophes like earthquakes. A warlord from Kasachstan acquires the artefact, and Zond's team tries to get it back. Meanwhile the spectator learns that Vincent was a member of the Dorna once. And just now it looks as if he has decided to betray Solomon Zond and deliver the Sphere to the Dorna.





Episode rating:

As good as it can be for a 45 minutes episode with a plot which could easily fill a 2 hours movie. Some unexplained gaps, however finally more about another team member of Veritas, this time Vincent and Juliet. The traitor-story was well done.

Rating for Arnold:

This role is not one requiring a high level performance skill, nonetheless he gives a good part with the mysterious guy no one knows much about and who can raise a lot of suspicions. Interaction with Niko is funny.

Script of the Episode


Episode 5 "The Wheel of Dharma"

Vincent gets a letter from the monastery in Tibet, where he has studied as a child. Now the monks are in danger, because somewhere in their vaults the holy relic of the "Wheel of Dharma" is hidden, and the Chinese military wants it, too. Veritas team travels to Tibet and immediately gets in trouble: Niko is taken prisoner by the army and the search for the "Wheel" proves out to be difficult. But then Niko meets an interesting inmate of the prison.





Episode rating:

Exact mixture of adventure, emotion and mystery, with some very touching moments about friendship. This episode is focused on Niko and Vincent.

Rating for Arnold:

Four stars for the very good scenes in the end of the episode.

Script of the Episode


Episode 6 "Sangraal"

The Veritas team must help an old friend whose wife has been kidnapped by mysterious 'Knights of the Grail' wanting them find this old relic. This episode has all the clichés of Templar Knights, Rosslyn chapel (here: Roseburn), the Sinclair family and the hidden treasure in underground caverns of Nova Scotia.






Episode 9 "Devil's Child"

The Veritas team tries to recover and protect a Russian boy who is a linguistic genius and moreover, is able to speak and write the languace of the 'Ancient Ones'. However, Niko can convince his father, that reuniting the boy with his mother and procuring him a new identity is worth more than scientific discoveries.





Episode 11 "The lost Codex"

Leonardo da Vinci hides his diary in which he writes about the construction of a machine with immense power, but he gives clues how to find the book in letters to his pupil. Centuries later, the "Veritas"-team is charged with getting acces to these letters, which are to be offered in an illegal auction. A descent of the Medici clan and member of the Dorna organisation is after them as well, and in the course of action Calvin's girl friend Sophie - who originally found the lost letters - is killed. In the end, we get a very disturbing insight of the sponsor of the "Veritas"-team and a very old conspiracy.





Here are the two funny scenes with Juliet posing as Vincent's wife:



Episode rating:

This was exciting, and dark, and full of a promising mystery-adventure. Time to evolve the character of Calvin, and to throw a glance on Vincent's mysterious past and dubious role now. Interesting plot twists.

Rating for Arnold:

He had some very good scenes in this episode. How he has to play husband and wife with Juliet gives a funny touch to this rather dark story. His gaze and voice are just a perfect match for this mysterious character, makes him credible without much explanation.

Script of the Episode


Alias, Episode "Crossings" (seas.3, ep. 12)

Crime-ScienceFiction. The series ran from 2001 to 2006 and tells the adventures of a young operative who amongst others tries to secure dangerous old artifacts, bevore they fall into the hands of the concurrent spy organization of the Covenant, mainly recruited from ex-KGB. In this episode, Sidney and her partner are supposed to retrieve a Covenant deserter from North Korea, but the plan is betrayed, both get in Korean custody and Sidney's father has to team up with the dangerous sister of his Russian ex-wife to get Sidney out.




Episode rating:

I do't know the series, but this episode showed up with several clichés. The scenes in North Korea were completely implausible (a military jeep stands in open country, fucntional and ready to use for the fugitives?!) In addition, a good example for the brutalization of series during the last 20 years.

Rating for Arnold:

Another mini-appearance. Threatening looking evil guys are simply his speciality. Sadly we don't get any background of this Russian covenant-agent.


A short scene from the episode, found at youtube:




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Behind the scenes.


The deleted scene from Episode 12 (Marwan says Goodbye to his family):



Interview at "Fox" (23 min)




Shark, Episode "Gangster Movies "(season 2, ep. 1)

Thriller. The series (running 2006-2008) features the attorney Sebastian Stark (played by James Woods). In this episode an important witness in a murder case is assassinated in an explosion, killing two cops in the act, too. After some investigations, the Russian mafia-scene of Los Angeles becomes the prime suspect. Stark and his team are trying to convey mafia-boss Andrej Sitowski, who poses as an art gallerist. However, this is not easy, and soon the 'good guys' recurse to blackmail and fraud on their own, while Sitowski gives them an innocent smile.





Episode rating:

Exciting, fast-pacing plot, but one has to love courthouse-stuff to really appreciate it. The characters are shown with many facettes, and not only the pleasant one! This gives a realistic touch.

Rating for Arnold:

He playes this 'grey eminence of crime' cool and nonchalant, with just a look threatening more than a bunch of angry words. Convincing!



Action/Comedy. The series (running since 2007) is about the 'nerdy' Chuck, working in an Electronics Store (played by Zachary Levi), who accidentally has downloaded a top-secret C.I.A.-database in his brain - what surely initiates a lot of trouble.

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Episode 17, seas. 2 "Chuck versus the predator"

In this episode, Chuck is contacted by the mysterious 'Orion', the ingenious inventor of the Intersect. But while he tries to meet him in person to seek help, Fulcrum is on 'Orion's' tracks, too. They send Vincent Smith, who already dies in the first half of the episode swallowing some poison, but who later proves to be quite 'undead'...





Short clip found on youtube:



Episode rating:

Chuck at its best: action, humor, excitement, the "Buy-More"-guys... One can't wait to see the next episode and to discover more about this elusive Orion...

Rating for Arnold:

He plays the Fulcrum agent with usual villaineous fun and with that gives the until now rather flat opponent spy organization much more profile. The 'resurrection'-scene is priceless!


My fanfiction, cutting in after this episode and named "Chuck versus the ultimate lie".


Episode 19, seas. 2 "Chuck Versus the Dream Job"

In this episode, Chuck finds his father and has to fake getting a job in the software engeneering company of Ted Roarke, who, Chucks father said, stole him all his ideas... But now it seems, Roarke is about to release a computer virus for Fulcrum. Moreover, the headquarter of the enterprise has a huge secret, and so has Chuck's father.






Episode rating:

Exciting stuff, and Chuck finally goes into combat! Very funny scenes. Good play of Scott Bakula as his father, too.

Rating for Arnold:

Sadly only a little appearance, hoped for more after ep. 17! Not enough for rating.


Episode 21, seas. 2 "Chuck Versus the Colonel"

Chuck has to rescue his father from the hands of Roarke and Fulcrum and to escape Agent Casey as well, who is under orders to bring the dangerous 'asset' under lock. All traces lead to a secret Fulcrum base...





Episode rating:

Great continuation with unexpected turns. Hilarious situations and confrontations in the Buy-More and at Casey's home, who is finally identified as a notorious stalker :D

Rating for Arnold:

Another micro-appearance only. Poor character really has to suffer again in this episode!


About Vincent's casting and his fate, from an Interview with Chris Fedak, co-creator of the series, with Alan Sepinwall from "The Star Ledger", 27th April 2009 (Complete Interview here):

A.S.: Is Vincent alive or dead?
C.F.: Vincent is dead. But when you're dead in the "Chuck" universe, there's a tendency to not be dead.
A.S.: And he had more of a tendency to not be dead than anyone else.
C.F.: When we cast Arnold Vosloo in the part, with "The Mummy," it was Jeremiah Chechnik's idea, he directed the episode, "Chuck vs. the Predator." Arnold's very sophisticated, and it was really fun for us to make him more and more sickly as the (season) went by. It became a joke: how can we hurt Arnold this week? So I think he's dead right now. He was inside the drive-in when the F-16's dropped their bombs. He's dead, but don't hold me to it."

Sadly, Vincent didn't return to "Chuck", but in an interview for the series finale in 2012, "Chuck"-actor Zach Levi says, he would've liked to work with him again (Complete Interview by Chr. Radish, 24th January 2012 here)

Are there any guest stars that wish you could have brought back?

LEVI: Scott Bakula, for sure. That was a bummer. He’s such an excellent human being, who’s a great actor and a great man. In a lot of the conversations we had over our time together, Scott and I have a lot in common. He imparted a lot of wisdom to me. His journey on Quantum Leap was similar to mine here, in that it was all day, every day, with crazy hours. He was so supportive of me, from day one, and an excellent guy. I wish Tony Hale never left. He’s so funny, and such an incredible human being. I’ll take John Larroquette, any day. I loved Arnold Vosloo. Jordana Brewster was great.


Navy CIS, Episode "Aliyah" (ep. 138 = seas. 6, ep. 25)

Crime/Espionage. The series (running since 2003) features a team from the Naval Criminal Investigation Service, which conducts investigations about causes in the US Navy and Marine Corps. In this episode the friend of team member Ziva is killed - was it self-defense or murder? Because the dead man was an agent of the Mossad, the team has to travel to Israel in order to prevent diplomatic problems and uncover the truth. But highest ranks are involved, and everyone has secrets.





Episode rating:

Rating is a little difficult, because I do not know the rest of the series. However, the plot was suspending, sinister and complicated like it expected in this genre, and the characters were set well in this game of trust and distrust.

Rating for Arnold:

This was sadly only a little part with not much possibility to evolve something. The interaction with Ziva was well played and I liked the theme of helplessness face to face with orders and the greater scheme.