= main character or one of the main characters / = secondary part /= mini-appearance

G.I. Joe Retaliation


This might be a good popcorn movie, but if you plan to watch it just because of Arnold, don't do it, as he only appears for at max. a minute!



Odd Thomas

Mysterythriller after the novels of Dean Koontz. In a California desert town, short-order cook Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin) with the ability to see ghosts encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark, threatening forces. It is up to him to prevent the bloodshed that will happen the next day.

It's a cameo for Arnold, but at least a funny one and he's not some bad guy again.




Shark Killer





Movie Rating:

Good movie to watch when it is 35°C and you're to lazy to move your brain. One of the problems was that the makers obviously couldn't decide whether to make an action comedy or a bloody brutal gangster movie. It was funny as long as they kept with the comedy thing the first 35 minutes. Then it got boring despite the diving scenes after the shark. The constant chit-chat between Chase and Jasmin or Chase and his idiot wanna-be-gangster-brother was in no way bringing relief. The plot was quite foreseeable (especially as the producers published lots of screencaps in advance!) and the characters pale.

Rating for Arnold:

Well, this was a Bond-ish villain in a "Fall Guy"-episode, so this didn't work, what was mainly the fault of the script. The few scenes where he shows up (up to 10 minutes approx.) don't allow this character any development. There were some good scenes, especially in that diamond vault, but the movie didn't make anything more out of it. This villain just had no intellectual counterpart. Still, it was the most interesting character in the whole construct. Sadly it was a waste.


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The Harrowing