Interview in the South African newspaper "Die Burger", 11. 1. 2007:

(here is the original text in Afrikaans, please excuse mistakes - help me, if you know better, I'm still not good with this language, thank you)

As "Blood Diamond" got so much praise and an Oscar-nomination, it may happen that one or two actresses refuse to stand on the red carpet adorned with diamonds. This might be the sign of a new conscience in Hollywood, says Arnold Vosloo.
Blood-Diamonds are mined in whole Africa and sold to finance rebel groups. The movie takes place during the time of the bloody civil war in Sierra Leone, which ended in 2002. Although De Beers, the world's largest diamond company, supplies, the problem with the blood diamonds has been largely resolved, but only the launch of this movie has made the problem known to a wider audience. DiCaprio recently said to Time Magazine that none of his companions (?) will be wearing diamonds. Many actresses and models wear borrowed jewelry at occasions like the Oscars.
Tom Zoellner, author of the book The Heartless Stone, said in an accompanying column in the magazine said nor a movie or the Kimberley process will stop the blood diamond problem. Only the buyers can do it. People must insist on guarantees from jewelers that not many people have been killed for the diamond they are about to buy.

Vosloo said he is fortunately "old and married", and his days of diamond buying thus are over.

"Obviously already before the movie was shot, the diamond-industry approached the makers and warned the film might 'hurt them'. They said it should be proclaimed a notice, that there is no such a thing as a "blood diamond".

But Edward Zwick, the director, answered a movie should entertain and tell a story. He refused to do bring any notice in the film.
It will be interesting to see what happens if the movie will be a financial success, if there will be any awareness of blood diamonds, or if it will soon be forgotten after watching.

I heard or read that the diamond-industry spends millions for a huge publicity campaign to assure the consumers, there are no blood diamonds anymore, and that it had been only a very small portion of all mined diamonds."

-The young soldier from "Boetie gaan border toe" got a promotion! In "Blood Diamond" he plays an Old-South-African colonel who now works as mercenary in Africa. The character played by Leonardo di Caprio is his subordinate.
Vosloo has the honor that two of his movies will come out the same day in America. In "Forgiveness", a South-African film, he plays the role of Captain Coetzee from the Securtiy Police. And in the other movie, what will come out later this year, "Living and Dying" he plays an American police officer who turns out to have a sinister agenda - an American police officer as not yet portrayed in the genre.
Di Caprio contacted some old mercenaries, in order to master the South-African-English accent. Then he asked Vosloo, if his intonation would be correct, and he helped DiCaprio several times on the set.

"He manages the accent quite good. I don't know if I'm just too close to the movie, but it works 100 percent. I would be surprised if Leonardo would not be nominated for an Oscar. He is very good in this movie. He and Djimon Hounsou, who plays the other main role, too. I think, they both could be nominated as best actor.

Di Caprio is a very good actor. During our time in South-Africa, he always spoke with the South-African accent, even after the work."

-Vosloo has his doubts if he will be in "The Mummy 3", although the first two parts of the movie have brought more than 8 Mrd. Rand. He does not know if he wants to return for a third time as a terrifying ghost - and in addition this role can be done with computer made inserts today.
And he really does not always want to play the evil opponent, just as recently in the popular TV-series "24" with Kiefer Sutherland in the main role.

"I did not even know the series. I had never watched it. I was in Germany filming, when my agent called and said the guys from "24" wanted to know if I would like to play the opponent.
"They guaranteed me six episodes, but could not say then what should happen to my character. Everyone had acted like crazy about the offer I got. So I thought, because this series is that popular, I should take this seriously. In the end I have played in all the remaining 17 episodes. It's amazing how many people watch it, even in Japan and Australia."

- The TV series and the Mummy movies were the biggest projects in which he had worked. But he is glad to have any work, because there are a high number of unemployed actors in Hollywood.
What role would he very much like to play?

"I would like to have a chance for an audition for a James-Bond-role. They don't see me because they think only of me as a bad guy-type. Not that I think it's my role, but I think I would have been a rather good James Bond. The new Bond is good and he's a good actor.

But I think I would have been a good Bond. I would have been a (?) Bond. I would have played a killer-Bond. I would have looked good in a suit and I would have (?) women.
When I think of Bond, I thought about such a guy. He has a license to kill. The new Bond is moving in that direction."

- Vosloo said it will be possible for him to work with such kind of roles until he is 65, but for female actors such as Charlize Theron is bitter hard.

"There is every few years a new blonde who looks good in a nice dress. This is a very tough business for women."

- What are the odds that he and Charlize Theron will play against each other?

"There were a few times that South-African guys contacted me for Wilbur Smith projects, but there was never anything to come. But who knows, if there will emerge a strong South African story, such as Forgiveness, we may go back. Forgiveness is a very good film - all South African.

We (he and Charlize) have both said it would be good if we could do a project together, but we are both stupid actors, we can not write (the screenplay) and we do not know of the specifics which are necessary. If anyone finds anything, he might show up quickly."

- He regrets that the Australian film "The Proposition", including Guy Pearce, not could have been made in South Africa. The Anglo-Boer War is the source of a multitude of stories.

"An old man just gets tired of just black and white stories. It's that nice with Forgiveness. My character (Captain Coetzee) asks a family of Colored in Paternoster for forgiveness, because he had tortured and killed their son. But when I come into the town, the family contacts the boy's old comrades, and they swear to take revenge. In other words: No one is innocent. They work to bring me down. There should be more such stories."

- He agreed with a statement from George Clooney that there is a huge shortage of good scripts. After Vosloo, most movies that get the green light, are mere straw. Vosloo said his favorite American movie of all time is "A Place in the Sun" with Montgomery Cliff and Elizabeth Taylor. And he likes a lot a South American movie with the title "Sagre Sante (Holy Blood)", a story about a circus-family.
He is so busy that he twice had to say no to the award-winning director Ridley Scott, for whom he had a role in "1492 - Quest for Paradise played". But he would be happy to work again with DiCaprio and Zweck.

The only one in the industry with whom he does not want to work, is Jean-Claude Van Damme, with whom he played in his first role in the Hollywood film "Hard Target". He summarizes Van Damme in a fourletter-word.
He laughed, when asked why he was not invited to Tom Cruise's and Katie Holmes's wedding, but said (?)

And if he cannot play James Bond, he will at least never say no to be the bad guy in a Bond movie.

"Not that this is actually in question - but it would be nice to guileful in Bond to be. Then could I play against Bond the way I would like to have seen Bond himself played."