Interview from 1999 (if anyone knows who made this, please give me a note!)

Just prior to The Mummy, he played the leading role in Progeny, a project he found very interesting. " I play a young ER doctor," Vosloo explains. "He and his wife have a strange experience one night; there's this light, the clock seems to have stopped and weird things happen. He sees a shrink because he's disturbed about it for weeks afterward; he can't sleep, he's tired. She takes him into some sort of regression thing, and he starts believing that they were abducted by aliens, and that his wife was impregnated. At this point, she comes to him and says that she is pregnant. So we're not sure if he's just obsessing about this, or if in fact this really happened. At the end, he drags her into the ER room, puts her under and gives her a Cesarean section, to see what's in there. It's pretty fantastically gory.
"I had a great time making this little movie, I must tell you," Vosloo raves. "I saw it, and it's really fun. Brian researched all this, and spoke to people who felt they were abducted. In fact, at one screening, this woman came up to him and said, 'Ohmigod, this happened to me.' Brian got excited and came running over to me. 'Do you want to meet her?' I said, 'Hell no, I don''t want to meet her. Keep her away from me! I don't want to know this stuff!'