Arnold Vosloo is best known as the eponymous star of THE MUMMY and THE MUMMY RETURNS. THE MUMMY RETURNS remains one of the top 50 highest-grossing films of all time.
The tall, strikingly handsome leading man spent his formative years with his parents who managed a country drive-in cinema.
Accustomed to 'bulking up' for his physically powerful action roles in films like HARD TARGET and THE MUMMY, Vosloo shed 10 kg for his emotionally demanding role in FORGIVENESS adhering to a strict carbohydrate-free diet for the duration of the preparation and shoot period.
Unshaven, wearing the drooping moustache favoured by Pretoria's security establishment in the 80ies, Vosloo's attention to detail for his character role extended to his personal selection and daily polishing of his Grasshoppers (preferred footwear for off-duty and plainclothes police) that he wore throughout the preparation and shoot for FORGIVENESS, giving him the loping, reluctant gait of the damaged ex-cop Tertius Coetzee.
Physical transformation aside, it's the inner world of Vosloo's screen character that resonates with authenticity. Vosloo's research was thorough, drawing not only from Truth Commission transcripts and accounts of the psychology and trauma of conflict but also from local knowledge and affective memory of his own youth spent in the blue collar industrial badlands south of Johannesburg, before the launch of his career in Hollywood in the late 80ies.
Selecting Arnold Vosloo to play ex-cop Tertius Coetzee in FORGIVENESS is a major casting coup for 'Giant Films', the producers of FORGIVENESS, says Screen International (Sept. 10, 2003). Arnold's decistion to play in the low budget indie was based on the 'strength of the script' and the fact that we planned to do a picture together years ago.
His courage and commitment as an actor was clear every day on set and in his preparation for the role, said FORGIVENESS director Ian Gabriel.

(Source: DVD Forgiveness, Special Features)