Dear visitor! These wallpapers and collages were made to honor a great actor and train my photoshop skills. I do not make any profit with it. Feel free to use this artwork for NON-PROFIT purposes and please, give credit, if used on other websites. Thank you!


Wallpaper inspired by movies and series



"Circles in the Forest"

"Boetie" - Movies

Con Express"

"Living and Dying"



"Hard Target"


"American Meltdown"



"Navy CIS"


"Rutanga Tapes"





"Finishing Touch"



"Fly Paper"


other movies /series


Wallpaper, Cover and Illustrations for my fanfictions (stories can be found on and stand alone stories

"On the edge of Darkness" (Darkman)
"Behind the Fire" (Death Train)
"Dark Targets" (Hard Target)
"The last Stand" (Hard Target)
"Fallen" (Con Express)
"Fallen" (Con Express)
"Shattered Minds" (Diary of a Serial Killer)
"Death Wish" - Cover
"Fallen" (Con Express)
"Bloodline" (Hard Target)
"Bloodline" (Hard Target)
"Chuck vs. the ultimate lie


Gothic Stuff


Freestyle artwork with historical themes


Freestyle artwork with scifi themes



Other Wallpaper and freestyle artwork